Members of Freundschaft practising real friendship

Freundschaft Noise Band 1992 - 2004

Is no more. This page is the documentation of Stefan Beck.

Breaking News

The last and only freundschaft concert!!!!!!!

Wed., 15.12.2004 - 21:00
Tanzhaus West, Gutleutstr. 294, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Forum für Experimentalelektronik


Freundschaft was founded in 1992 by Oliver Augst and Marcel Daemgen replacing the older project Das Klima (the climate). Soon Stefan Beck and Mr. Cobra joined the band to perform real hardcore techno-noise.


The main principles of Freundschaft are:

  • no rehearsels
  • always live; each concert is a unique unrepeatable performance
  • no songs; each concert is an at least one hour uninterrupted show
  • no convention about the nature of any concert in advance
  • no expensive equipment, usage of consumer products, cheap and trash devices
  • no samplers; analogue gear as much as possible
  • no remote mixing; all sound streams are mixed by Freundschaft onstage
  • no stage show; the setting itself is the show
  • open concept with guests from different music styles involved
  • always as hard and loud as possible

With these ideas Freundschaft evolved as one of the most original and unconventional but also least popular acts within the Frankfurt experimental music scene.

Concerts are rare and seldom events.

Nevertheless Freundschaft thus received attention from the outside.

Highlights were a concert at the famous Knitting Factory, New York, in 1993, at the infamous Berlin underground club Ihr Friseur (now closed) in 1994 and at the renowned concert hall Fylkingen in Stockholm in 1998.


Band Members

The members of Freundschaft are:

  • Oliver Augst

    stage designer and composer
    • voice, mix, drum programms
  • Stefan Beck

    media artist
    • voice, mix, tapes, turntables
  • Marcel Daemgen

    keyboarder and composer
    • keyboards, tapes
  • Mr. Cobra

    techno producer
    • synthesizers



So far published records:

  • Freundschaft 91

    (CD, Frog Records)
  • Shuffle

    Music for compact disk, 1993, (CD, Frog Records)
    • The first compact disk created for the shuffle mode of a CD player. 99 tracks with seconds-long music pieces. 99! possible combinations with shuffle mode in operation. You will never hear the same line twice. Always a unique piece of music! Listen.
  • CD-Rs

    from recent concerts. Use contact to get more information.



In chronological order:

  1. Artrock Festival

    Ostpark, Frankfurt, 1992
  2. Knitting Factory

    New York, 1993
  3. Freundschaftwoche 94

    Frankfurt, 1994
    Seven concerts on seven days in one week at seven clubs
    • Gartner's

      Frankfurt, 29.1.1994
    • Theater an der Goethestraße

      Offenbach, 30.1.1994
    • Spritzehaus

      Frankfurt, 31.1.1994
    • Negativ

      Frankfurt, 1.2.1994
    • Der blinde König

      Frankfurt, 2.2.1994
    • Dreikönigskeller

      Frankfurt, 3.2.1994
    • Isenburger Schloß

      Offenbach, 4.2.1994
  4. Ihr Friseur

    Berlin, 1994
  5. FIM Festival

    Frankfurt, 1995
  6. Dreikönigskeller

    Frankfurt, 1996
  7. Gutleut 15

    Frankfurt, 1997
  8. Live at RadioX

    Frankfurt. Monthly transmissions from the local public radio, since 1997
  9. multi.trudi

    Frankfurt, 1998
  10. Fylkingen

    Stockholm. >Nature is perverse< Festival. 11/1998
  11. Schirn Kunsthalle

    >Autocompressed<, 7/1999
  12. Gutleut 15

  13. SpacePlace

    Frankfurt, 09/2002
  14. Tanzhaus West

    Frankfurt, 12/2004



Freundschaft Japan tour.

We appreciate Japan as country with long and deep interest in hardcore music. We therefore would like to come to Japan as soon as possible.
We're still looking for places to play at. Any interest is wellcome. Please refer to the contact section.



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